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Beyond North Korea

Future Challenges to South Korea's Security

Edited by Byung K. Kim, Gi-Wook Shin, and David Straub

Why should Americans worry about South Korean security? The answer is clear: North Korea, and beyond. Most international attention to the North Korea problem has focused on U.S. policy, but South Korea’s longterm role may in fact be more important. South Korea’s security is vital to peace and stability, not only in Northeast Asia but also the wider world.

Written by eminent scholars, practitioners, and policymakers with extensive on-the-ground experience, Beyond North Korea assesses the varied contexts—regional and global, traditional and nontraditional—that underpin South Korea’s varied security challenges. What are South Korea’s military requirements? How do relations with its neighbors enhance or undermine its position? What economic, environmental, and demographic factors come into play? This book reveals that South Korea’s national security rests as much on sound domestic policy choices as on successful interstate relations.

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