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Beyond Bali

Strategic Issues for the Post-2012 Climate Change Regime

Edited by Christian Egenhofer

The year 2007 witnessed a new momentum toward a global response to climate change. In December, negotiations in Bali will attempt to set out a roadmap toward a global climate regime. Whatever concrete decisions are made in Bali, there is an emerging consensus that any global response will need to include a well-defined number of strategic policy areas: technology, adaptation, reversal of deforestation, commitments of developing countries, market-based instruments, and carbon markets. In this book, senior policymakers, parliamentarians, business executives, and researchers from both industrialized and developing countries contribute short, authoritative think-pieces on the key issues for the climate change agenda from Bali until a post-2012 settlement. Contributors include Thomas Brewer (Georgetown University), Frank Convery (University College Dublin), Christian Egenhofer (CEPS), Carolyn Fischer (Resources for the Future), Noriko Fujiwara (CEPS), Erik Haites (Margaree Consultant), Ned Helme (Center for Clean Air Policy), Niklas Höhne (Ecofys), Lars G. Josefsson (Vattenfall), Sivan Kartha (Stockholm Environment Institute), Bo Kjellén (Stockholm Environment Institute),Adrian Macey (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, New Zealand), Surya Sethi (secretary to the Government of India),Anders Wijkman (European Parliament, Climate Change Committee), and Farhana Yamin (Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex).

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