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Behavioral Science & Policy, Volume 1, No. 2

Edited by Craig Fox and Sim B. Sitkin
BSP volume 1 number 2

Behavioral Science & Policy (BSP) is an international, peer-reviewed journal that features short, accessible articles describing actionable policy applications of behavioral scientific research that serves the public interest.

Articles submitted to BSP undergo a dual-review process. Leading scholars from specific disciplinary areas review articles to assess their scientific rigor; at the same time, experts in relevant policy areas evaluate them for relevance and feasibility of implementation.

Manuscripts that pass this dual-review are edited to ensure their accessibility to scientists, policy makers, and lay readers. It is not limited to a particular point of view or political ideology.

BSP is a publication of the Behavioral Science & Policy Association and the Brookings Institution Press.

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The December 2015 issue is BSP vol. 1, no 2.

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