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Behavioral Science & Policy, Volume 5, No. 1

Edited by Craig R. Fox and Sim B. Sitkin
Cvr: BSP 5.1

The success of nearly all public- and private- sector policies hinges on the behavior of individuals, groups, and organizations. Today, such behaviors are better understood than ever, thanks to a growing body of practical behavioral science research. However, policymakers often are unaware of behavioral science findings that may help them craft and execute more effective and efficient policies. The pages of this new journal will become a meeting ground: a place where scientists and non-scientists can encounter clearly described behavioral research that can be put into action.

By design, the scope of BSP is broad, with topics spanning health care, financial decisionmaking, energy and the environment, education and culture, justice and ethics, and work place practices. Contributions will be made by researchers with expertise in psychology, sociology, law, behavioral economics, organization science, decision science, and marketing.

The journal is a key offering of the Behavioral Science & Policy Association in partnership with the Brookings Institution. The mission of BSPA is to foster dialog between social scientists, policymakers, and other practitioners in order to promote the application
of rigorous empirical behavioral science in ways that serve the public interest. BSPA does not advance a particular agenda or political perspective.

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Editors’ Note

Reducing the health toll from U.S. workplace stress
Joel Goh, Jeffey Pfeffer, & Stefanos A. Zenios

Together from afar: Introducing a diary contact technique for improving intergroup relations
Joshua Conrad Jackson, Michele J. Gelfand, Nailah Ayub, & Jasmine Wheeler

Rebuilding trust between police & communities through procedural justice & reconciliation
Thomas O’Brien & Tom Tyler

How behavioral science can empower parents to improve children’s educational outcomes
Peter Bergman

Does changing defaults save lives? Effects of presumed consent organ donation policies
Mary Steffel, Elanor F. Williams, & David Tannenbaum

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