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African Perspectives on Trade and the WTO

Domestic Reforms, Structural Transformation, and Global Economic Integration

By Patrick Low, Maika Oshikawa, and Chiedu Osakwe

Twenty-first-century Africa is in a process of dynamic economic transformation. However, challenges remain in areas such as structural reform, governance, market turbulence, commodity pricing, and geopolitics. There is a critical need for African economies to assess growth models and strategies to foster increased, sustained, and inclusive growth.

The book contributes to contemporary debate on key questions facing the continent, such as: How can Africa achieve deeper integration into the rules-based multilateral trading system and the global economy? What approaches and next steps are possible, according to economic and trade policymakers? What supportive roles can multilateral and regional institutions play?

This volume is a product of the Fourth China Round Table, which took place during the WTO’s Tenth Ministerial Conference, held in Kenya in December 2015. Supported by independent expert analyses, the book proposes a range of African perspectives on the role of trade, the WTO, and its future agenda.

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