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Active Labour Market Policies around the World

Coping with the Consequences of Globalization

By Peter Auer, Ümit Efendioðlu, and Janine Leschke

This book explores how to make globalization work better in the interest of the workers of the world. It discusses active labor market policies (ALMPs) that have to be put in place to combat some of the negative effects of globalization and introduce more security and decent work for workers. Comprising an array of measures, ALMPs can take the form of special support for job searching, training and education for the unemployed, and various other subsidies and job creation activities. While providing a valuable overview of the nature of ALMPs, the book examines some of the pitfalls and challenges countries face when evaluating these programs. It also provides a policy framework for designing policies that are a permanent, yet adaptable, instrument to cope with change linked to globalization and discusses different ways of financing these.

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