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ABC of Women Workers’ Rights and Gender Equality

By International Labor Office

In order to promote equality between women and men in the world of work, international labor standards and national legislation have been adopted on a wide range of related issues. However, workers are often unaware of their rights derived from these standards—a fact that has been increasingly identified as a major obstacle to their effective use. This revised and expanded edition focuses on states’ or employers’ obligations and workers’ rights, in relation to gender equality in the world of work. The book incorporates important information relevant to women workers on topics including sexual harassment, women in development, and the glass ceiling. Other major developments for both female and male workers are included under gender mainstreaming and other gender issues, fundamental principles and rights at work, globalization, export processing zones, part-time work, and workers with family responsibilities. With an easy-to-follow format, this guide is an essential tool for raising awareness and legal literacy on critical work and gender equality issues.

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