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A People’s Peace in Cyprus

Testing Public Opinion on the Options for a Comprehensive Settlement

By Alexandros Lordos, Erol Kaymak, and Nathalie Tocci

2009 may be a make-or-break year for the protracted Cyprus conflict. While strategic assessments indicate the strong possibility of a settlement, ultimately an agreement will have to be approved by the two Cypriot communities. In view of the central role of the people in this peace process, CEPS—in collaboration with Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot partners—launched a project in late 2007 investigating what Cypriots think of each other, of the peace process, and of possible solutions to the conflict.

In this book the authors present the results of their second survey, conducted simultaneously in the southern and northern parts of the island in January and February 2009. A People’s Peace in Cyprus delves into the Cypriots’ views on the thorniest questions of the conflict and assesses whether and how, once they enter into the specifics of a deal, convergence between the peoples of Cyprus may be possible.

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