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A Growing Force

Civil Society's Role in Asian Regional Security

Edited by Rizal Sukma and James Gannon

East Asia is undergoing a remarkable transformation, but at the same time it is facing a growing number of traditional and nontraditional security challenges with the potential to destabilize the region. In recent years, there has been growing attention to ways to strengthen regional security cooperation at the government level but much less attention to what is happening outside of official circles. In fact, civil society organizations in the region have quietly been playing a greater role in responding to security threats, especially nontraditional security challenges. In A Growing Force the authors explore how these organizations are contributing in five areas—piracy, disaster relief, human trafficking, health, and climate change—in order to diagnose how they are helping and what can be done to make them more effective.

Contributors include Gui Yongtao (Peking University), Yanzhong Huang (Council on Foreign Relations), Jun Honna (Ritsumeikan University, Japan), Yukie Osa (Association for Aid and Relief, Japan), Chung Suh-Yong (Korea University), and J.N. Mak (independent analyst, Malaysia).

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