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A Fundamental Law of the European Union

By The Spinelli Group and Bertelsmann Stiftung

The financial crash and lengthy economic recession have tested the institutions of the European Union as never before. Thus far, debate about the future of Europe has been primarily between two groups: those who want no further integration of the member states and those who want to disband the EU. Anyone who supports greater unity and a stronger federal Europe has yet to make a case… until now.

A Fundamental Law of the European Union argues for a stronger, more involved EU and offers a prospectus for radical reform of the organization. The book proposes amending the Lisbon treaty to make the government of the EU more powerful and democratic. It embraces banking and fiscal union, and shows the way forward to a legitimate settlement of Europe’s constitutional dilemma.

Ten years after the Convention on the Future of Europe proposed its constitutional agreement, the Spinelli Group of federalist MEPs has drafted comprehensive proposals for an ambitious new treaty. Anyone who wonders how a more united Europe should best be governed should read this. The members of the next Convention will.

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