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A Decade of Light and Shadow

Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1990s

Edited by José Antonio Ocampo

The 1990s were a transitional period that marked a turning point in the economic, social, and political development of Latin America and the Caribbean. This volume looks back at the decade to evaluate the major events associated with the consolidation of the region’s reform process—while taking into account the uneven pace of progress in the various countries and areas. The contributors assess high points and low points, achievements and setbacks, to create a realistic portrait of the region during that period as well as to provide the reader with a more informed view of the central issues emerging. Table of Contents I: The Global and Regional Context II: Connections between the Internal and External Environments III: Macroeconomic Performance IV: Structure and Performance of Goods-Producing Sectors V: Infrastructure Service Sectors VI: The Social Sectors VII: Creating Opportunities for Sustainable Development VIII: Economic and Social Performance in the Caribbean IX: The Restructuring of National Territories

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