Case Study

Rocket Learning

Strategy name:
Digital parent learning communities
Rocket Learning
Nongovernmental Organization
Improve learning and development


Rocket Learning was established in 2020 in response to a perceived gap in the school readiness of young low-income Indian children. The organization uses technology to create virtual learning communities among parents, with the ultimate goal of eradicating learning inequalities for low-income children (Rocket Learning, n.d.). These communities use the power of peer motivation to encourage parents to promote learning at home during their child’s early years. The project works primarily with parents of young children aged 3-8. Since its inception, Rocket Learning has partnered with around 10,000 government schools across three Indian states to reach more than 100,000 people (HundrED, 2021).

Rocket Learning’s model is simple: It uses existing platforms like WhatsApp to create classroom groups comprising a teacher and 10-15 parents. The organization automatically sends the WhatsApp groups daily messages containing at-home play-based learning activities, practice worksheets, and homework assignments. The content is provided in the group’s regional language and delivered primarily through images and videos. All of the content is designed to promote early learning in young children. Parents are asked to respond every day with videos or pictures of themselves undertaking these activities with their children. They are also asked to share with the group their child’s progress in developing literacy and numeracy skills. Parents are incentivized to actively participate in the group through e-report cards, digital certificates, and medals sent by the government. Rocket Learning also uses leaderboards and personalized video collages to further encourage engagement with group activities.

Rocket Learning focuses primarily on using behavioral nudges to make parents more involved in their child’s education. It works to meet parents where they are, providing content designed to be easily understood and consumed quickly through commonly used and accessible technology. Ultimately, Rocket Learning relies on the power of community and information exchange, bringing parents together with their peers and providing them with the resources and encouragement they need to effectively facilitate their child’s learning at home.



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