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Diversity and Inclusion

President’s Message on Diversity and Inclusion

Brookings is committed to generating the best ideas to help strengthen U.S. democracy, foster the security and opportunity of all Americans, and secure a more open and cooperative international system. Through high-quality, independent research, we tackle the most pressing domestic and global public policy challenges. This requires an environment of free and spirited exchange that draws upon a wide variety of views.

To guarantee such an environment, Brookings has made a firm commitment to the promotion of diversity in all of its dimensions. In the fall of 2011, we launched a formal Diversity Initiative to help attract and retain personnel from underrepresented groups, and to ensure that the practices of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) are core operating values of the Institution.

D&I efforts at Brookings focus on two broad areas: education and awareness; and recruitment and retention. As part of the former, we have established a Diversity Working Group which serves in an advisory capacity and assists in socializing D&I policies and practices across the Institution. In the areas of recruitment and retention, we are working in close cooperation with many other think tanks and policy organizations to share best practices, and also aim to develop a pipeline of talented individuals.

The Brookings Policy Statement on Diversity and Inclusion below outlines our commitment to these values, both as an employer, and as an organization dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, civil discourse and opportunity.

— Strobe Talbott

Policy Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Brookings recognizes that in order to produce high-quality research that informs innovative, practical policy recommendations, we need to ensure that our personnel represent a diversity of thought, experience and personal background. Such diversity within the workforce enhances the relevance and substance of our work, and also helps us adhere more closely to our guiding principles of quality, independence and impact.

At Brookings, diversity is defined as the characteristics and attributes that make each one of us unique. Diversity has many dimensions, including race, gender, and physical ability. Other dimensions may include, but are not limited to, ethnicity, national origin, nationality, religion, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identification, and age. Even more broadly, diversity includes geographic location, work experience, family status, socio-economic class, and diversity of political thought. Our goal is to leverage the varied experiences and ideas that each individual brings for the good of the organization overall.

With fair and transparent business practices, clear communication, mutual respect, and a collaborative atmosphere that offers both professional and personal development opportunities, Brookings offers an inclusive and welcoming workplace that values the efforts of all contributors.

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