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Cities and metropolitan areas are the hubs of the national and global economy and the primary places where people seek jobs and opportunity. They are at the forefront of the major demographic and social changes confronting the nation. Our mission at the Metropolitan Policy Program is to deliver research and solutions that help metropolitan leaders build an advanced economy that works for all.

We provide public, private, and nonprofit leaders with the tools they need:

Empirical research. We help leaders in cities and metropolitan areas understand their economies by revealing key drivers of economic growth and prosperity:

Human capital that maximizes people’s potential and enables economic mobility

Innovation that fuels advanced industries and boosts productivity

Trade that engages the global marketplace and generates local wealth

Infrastructure that protects the environment, facilitates economic activity, and improves access to opportunity

Practical solutions.  We work closely with city and metropolitan leaders to translate our research into new insights that lead to practical solutions that can be adapted and scaled nationally and internationally.

Public- and private-sector reforms.  We encourage federal and state governments and private-sector firms and philanthropies to adopt smart policy reforms.

Innovative networks. We convene city and metropolitan leaders who work together to solve problems, learn the latest innovations, and advocate for national change.

We collaborate, pursue integrated approaches, and embrace an affirmative vision of what’s possible in everything we do. Our work exemplifies the Brookings values of quality, independence, and impact.

For an expanded discussion of our mission, see Achieving an advanced economy that works for all: The Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program in 2016 and beyond.

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