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About the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy

Entrance to Chinese temple
(Photo by Li Rui)

Founded in October 2006, the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy (BTC) is a partnership between the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. and China’s Tsinghua University. Based in Tsinghua’s School of Public Policy and Management, the BTC seeks to produce high quality and high impact policy research in areas of fundamental importance for China’s development and for U.S.-China relations. The BTC provides research by Chinese and American scholars on economic and social issues in China’s development, hosts visiting researchers, and holds seminars, panels and conferences that bring together leading policy experts and officials from China and abroad.

Increasing Focus on a Growing China

China’s astonishing economic growth has propelled its emergence as a global power. To sustain growth, China must meet soaring energy demands, develop sound macroeconomic policy and financial institutions, and build a modern legal system. Being the world’s most populous nation, China also faces challenges in balancing rural and urban development, modernizing its health and social welfare systems, and addressing environmental degradation. All of these issues motivate the work of the BTC. As Brookings’s first international facility, the BTC leads Brookings’s evolution into a global public policy and research institution.

Critical Issues for Research


ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION: China’s economic restructuring, public finance, income distribution and inequality.

SOCIAL SAFETY NET: China’s health care delivery and financing, pension system reform, and efforts to managing social discontent.

URBANIZATION: reforms of China’s land ownership and utilization system and household registration system; formation and expansion of mega cities; public policies and lessons learned for China’s urbanization process.

CLEAN ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE: U.S.-China cooperation in the development and deployment of clean energy technologies.

Center Activities

PUBLICATIONS: The Brookings-Tsinghua Center scholars publish a wide variety of written works in both English and Chinese, ranging from op-eds in major newspapers and on-line commentary on current events to full-length books and scholarly monographs.

PUBLIC PROGRAMS, ROUNDTABLES AND SEMINARS: The Brookings-Tsinghua Center hosts public presentations, roundtables, and panel discussions that serve as venues for officials and experts to discuss policy issues.

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