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Center on the United States and Europe Activities

With rapid and substantial transformations underway in the European Union and wider Europe, the Center on the United States and Europe (CUSE) was created in 2004 to conduct high-quality research, offer a forum for high-level dialogue for the transatlantic community, and enhance public interest in U.S. and European relations. The Center produces an array of publications—books, monographs, articles and the regular, web-based U.S.-Europe Analysis Series—and convenes several forums throughout the year in conjunction with a range of European partners. The CUSE research agenda and activities currently focus on several key areas, including:

1) The Future of the European Union – a series of roundtables, public conferences and addresses by major European political figures focusing on the political life of the European Union and its significance for the United States. The European Foreign Policy Scorecard project tracks the EU’s performance and progress on a number of key components (Russia, China, climate change, etc.) since the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty, while the annual Raymond Aron lecture features a leading French scholar speaking on topics of critical importance for European political, economic and security issues.

2) The Frontiers of Europe – CUSE research and events examining the questions raised by the parallel efforts of the EU and Russia to define their roles in the “frontier” states at the border of institutions such as the EU and NATO and the implications for U.S. policy. The Center focuses on U.S. and European political and security interactions in the arc of countries stretching from Scandinavia through the Baltics, the Balkans, the Black Sea region and the Caucasus.

3) The Future of Transatlantic Relations – a series of papers and events addressing contemporary critical issues on the transatlantic agenda, ranging from the future of NATO to the role of Islam and Muslims in Europe and transatlantic relations. In particular, the Center manages a joint project on energy security, addressing the ways in which global energy governance can be strengthen by creating and deepening coordination between the EU and U.S. energy markets.

4) Europe, the U.S., and the Emerging Global Order – a series of established events convened by CUSE in collaboration with world-renowned partners from both sides of the Atlantic. The annual Sakip Sabanci lecture on Turkish-U.S. relations enhances public discussion in the United States on developments in and around Turkey and its role in the world. The Daimler U.S.-European Forum on Global Issues is a high-level, bi-annual dialogue for leading transatlantic experts and officials to inform policy decisions and strengthen transatlantic relations. Finally, the CUSE Annual Conference brings together international scholars, officials, and policymakers to examine the evolving roles of the United States and Europe in the global arena, providing an opportunity for a free exchange of ideas.

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