Where to Give

General Operating Support

General operating support enables Brookings to attract and retain the best scholars and gives them the tools to conduct a wide range of timely research projects, convene events, and conduct outreach activities that ensure maximum impact on public policy. Unrestricted funding enables Brookings to respond nimbly to new challenges and those just over the horizon. These resources also underwrite the core operations of the Institution and support our commitment to quality, independence, and impact.

Project Support

If you have a particular area of policy interest, you can support a specific research effort under way at Brookings, including the work being done in our regional centers and initiatives on China, India, Europe, Northeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa and our thematic work on tax policy, health care reform, children and families, defense, arms control, business and public policy, technology innovation, education, energy security and other key issues on the national policy agenda.

Strategic Initiative Funds

With the at-times breathtaking pace of global events, Brookings experts are often called upon to analyze and respond quickly to new developments, even in the absence of dedicated funding to support these efforts. To enable our experts to react nimbly to breaking news and seed timely new projects, each of the five research programs and the President’s office established Strategic Initiatives Funds that provide flexible funding for program and Institutional priorities.

Endowments and Structured Gifts

Endowments and structured gifts provide crucial long-term support for key Institutional priorities. Many research chairs, fellowships, and lecture series established by endowment gifts can be named as a lasting testament to the donor’s generosity, whether in perpetuity for endowment gifts or, in the case of structured gifts, for a fixed period. Both types of funds can support our experts’ work on specific regions, countries, and topics, or research programs more broadly. Brookings currently has 31 endowed chairs and fellowships covering a range of topics.