The Brookings Second Century Campaign: Goals

Campaign Priorities

To accomplish our bold vision, the Second Century Campaign seeks to raise $600 million ahead of Brookings’s centenary in 2016.  Many prominent contributors—including 100 percent of Brookings’s Board of Trustees—have already stepped forward with unprecedented levels of support.

Our goals for our second century are as ambitious as our legacy.
—Strobe Talbott, President, The Brookings Institution

Brookings seeks gifts for the following investment priorities:

  • Ensuring Quality: Endowment and durable funds to enable Brookings to continue attracting the best scholars across academic disciplines and areas of policy expertise
  • Sustaining Independence: Expanded strategic initiative funds for Brookings’s President and research Vice Presidents that provide secure, unrestricted funding to advance high-quality research
  • Maximizing Impact: Investments in outreach, social media, digital technology, and other impact tools and strategies to ensure that Brookings research reaches influential audiences in government, the private sector, and the media

Even as we look to secure Brookings’s long-term sustainability through the Campaign, Brookings also seeks resources to meet current needs for top quality scholarship. Accordingly, the Campaign also seeks to:

  • Provide Program Support: Resources for specific research projects and initiatives across the Institution’s five programs
  • Strengthen the Annual Fund: Unrestricted general operating funds for Brookings’s greatest needs

Investing in Brookings is investing in excellence—the best people coming up with the best ideas in service of our nation and our world.
—John L. Thornton, Chair of the Board, The Brookings Institution