Getting Involved with Brookings

The International Advisory Council

Brookings established the International Advisory Council, a group of distinguished international business and community leaders, to extend its outreach and relevance to other countries and increase its ability to inform the American public and policymakers about global developments. Members—who represent 24 countries on five continents—provide invaluable advice and diverse perspectives on developments in their own regions, along with candid insights into how America and its policies are received abroad. Membership on the International Advisory Council is by invitation only.

Co-chaired by Brookings Trustees Antoine van Agtmael and Paul Desmarais, Jr., the Brookings International Advisory Council meets annually each spring for an in-depth program of scholar presentations, top-level speakers, and robust discussions of critical global issues with leading experts from Brookings and other organizations. Membership on the International Advisory Council is by invitation only.

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Advisory Boards: Program Leadership Committees

For people who are interested in a deeper engagement with one of Brookings’s research programs, membership on a Program Leadership Committee provides opportunities for in-depth interaction with scholars and program vice presidents. The Committees meet twice annually for in-depth briefings and discussions with top Brookings experts on the most pressing issues facing policymakers. Committee members provide financial support and strategic advice to the program vice presidents on issues related to finance, organization, their research agenda, and ways to maximize impact on policymaking.

Brookings Council

Joining the Brookings Council is a great way to take advantage of frequent opportunities to engage with Brookings experts. With invitations to private events in Washington, New York, and other cities—from small salon-style events to more expansive conversations—Council members are able to take part in substantive exchanges with Brookings experts and each other in a variety of settings. Throughout the year, we send Council members complimentary publications by Brookings scholars and periodic special communications from Brookings President Strobe Talbott. The Brookings Council is our core group of donors, providing the crucial support that makes our research, events, and publications possible. Additional privileges are available at higher giving levels.

Brookings Society

The Robert S. Brookings Society provides a forum for emerging leaders to engage with top experts from the Brookings Institution on the most critical public policy questions facing decision makers in the U.S. and around the world. Among the privileges available to members of the Brookings Society are opportunities to get a first look at Brookings research and analysis and invitations to exclusive Society events that offer the opportunity for rich intellectual exchanges with Brookings scholars and a network of peers. Coupled with interactions with the Brookings Council, their involvement with Brookings gives them a solid foundation in policy issues and their solutions.