Donor Profile: Hitachi, Ltd.

As one of the world’s leading technology companies, Hitachi, Ltd. has an urgent need to understand how developments unfolding across the world—and the policy responses to them—might affect its business. From energy security to climate change to infrastructure investment, Hitachi turns to Brookings for independent, non-partisan analysis to help navigate an increasingly complex global economy.

Bill Antholis, Itamar Rabinovich, Takashi Hatchoji
Brookings Managing Director Bill Antholis, Distinguished Fellow Itamar Rabinovich, and Group Chairman for the Americas of Hitachi Takashi Hatchoji. (Paul Morigi)

A member of the Brookings Corporate Council since 2006, Hitachi has expanded its relationship with the Institution to include involvement in the International Advisory Council and a partnership with Brookings and the American Association for the Advancement of Science to present the annual Eco-Engineering Forum on environmental issues. In all areas that Hitachi and Brookings work together, the company brings both financial resources and deep technical knowledge to bear on critical policy issues.

“Brookings has been an outstanding partner for Hitachi,” Takashi Hatchoji, group chairman for the Americas, said. “The innovative thinking and commitment to impact that Brookings experts bring to their research mirrors our own corporate philosophy of being the ultimate solutions provider. Our association has given Hitachi great insight into important developments in the U.S., Asia, and across the globe.”

“Companies like Hitachi—global leaders in their industries—are very important to Brookings,” said Bruce Katz, vice president and director of the Metropolitan Policy Program. “They do much more than provide the funding that makes our work possible; their executives bring an important private sector perspective to conversations with our experts that helps ground the research. And Hitachi’s global reach puts it at the front lines of so much that is happening across the world—from metropolitan economies to international relations—just the places where Brookings operates.”