REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha - A Buddhist monk uses a smart phone to record a speech at Freedom Park in Phnom Penh September 17, 2013.

Past Event

Cambodia and the International Community: Trials in Reconstruction and Foreign Assistance

January 29, 2015

On January 29, the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at Brookings will host a presentation by Sebastian Strangio, journalist and author of Hun Sen’s Cambodia (Yale University Press, 2014). In his presentation Strangio will discuss Cambodia's tangled relationship with the foreign governments which have supported its reconstruction, and the ways in which international resources have shaped, and been employed in, Cambodia's domestic struggles.

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    I think they [North Korean leaders] are afraid first of all of the legitimacy of this government.

    November 18, 2014, Roberta Cohen, CNN
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    [Gaza] is one of the most densely-populated areas on earth. People are trapped. There's no place to go except with friends and relatives or these UN facilities that are less and less safe for people.

    August 4, 2014, Elizabeth Ferris, Southern California Public Radio
  • Interview | Radio Azadliq

    April 8, 2014, Richard D. Kauzlarich

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    [On meeting people displaced in Ethiopia in the late 1980s] These were people who had been uprooted in their own country, and if they crossed the border, they’d be ‘refugees’ and could receive international aid. But if the government of their own country was at war with them, the international system would not support them.

    April 8, 2014, Roberta Cohen, The SAIS Observer
  • Interview | NPR

    March 3, 2014, Fiona Hill

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    North Korea is not having a civil war or internal turmoil [...] but it has what the UN is now recognizing its own kind of human rights crisis. It’s not a war, but it is tremendous crimes being committed in peace time, and they have been going on for decades.

    February 25, 2014, Roberta Cohen, WAMU
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    For the first time, a United Nations body has recognized that the government of North Korea is committing crimes against humanity and that its leaders should be brought to account.

    February 17, 2014, Roberta Cohen, The Daily Telegraph
  • Interview | NPR- "To The Point"

    December 3, 2013, Salman Shaikh

  • Interview | Today's Zaman

    Chemical Deal on Syria is "Kicking the Can Down the Road"

    September 17, 2013, Salman Shaikh

  • Interview | Syria Deeply

    The Future of Syria: A Syria Deeply Interview with Salman Shaikh

    September 5, 2013, Salman Shaikh

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