REUTERS/Larry Downing - U.S. President Barack Obama meets with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, while White House Counsel Neil Eggleston (R) watches in the the White House in Washington, in this file photo from August 18, 2014. White House Counsel Eggleston said in an interview January 12, 2015 that he hoped the Senate would confirm 75 nominees during Obama's final two years in office, a number that Eggleston said would keep Obama on pace with his recent predecessors.

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Confirming federal judges during the final two years of the Obama administration: Vacancies up, nominees down

August 18, 2015, Russell Wheeler

When the Senate began a month-long recess on August 7, they had confirmed just five judges in 2015. In this post, Russell Wheeler looks at the Obama administration's nomination and confirmation rate compared with previous presidents. 

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