The Littoral Surface Craft-Experimental LSC(X), developed by the Office of Naval Research and christened Sea Fighter (FSF 1), passes the USS Rentz (FFG-46) as she arrives at her new homeport of San Diego, California August 1, 2005. This high speed aluminium catamaran will test a variety of technologies that will allow the Navy to operate in littoral waters. With a base crew of 26, Sea Fighter will also provide a platform for the evaluation of the minimum manning concepts on future naval surface ships. (Credit : U.S. Navy Photograph/John F. Williams)


U.S. Navy: Maintenance, modernization, and modules

July 14, 2015, Robert N. Hein

Robert Hein discusses solutions to reductions in the U.S. Navy budget. Hein argues that the Military Sealift Command (MSC) has the ability to significantly mitigate cuts by repurposing different crafts with modernized payloads for low-end peace time missions in intelligence, reconnaissance, and humanitarian assistance. Hein also asserts that with modern maintenance, MSC can offer a much needed degree of flexibility to a multitude of naval deployment operations. 

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