REUTERS/Umit Bektas - Smoke rises from the Syrian town of Kobani, Turkish army tanks take position on the Turkish side of the border, as seen from near the Mursitpinar border crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border in Sanliurfa province October 8, 2014.


Islamic State's Deadly Tactical Strategy

October 13, 2014, John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin evaluates the progress of the U.S.-led international coalition to confront the Islamic State. McLaughlin argues that the new Iraqi government must further unify Iraq; that Turkey’s reluctance to participate has complicated the coalition’s mission; and that ground forces may be necessary to enhance the air campaign. He writes that because Islamic State leaders demonstrate strategic thought and action, winning the war against them will require a strategic and tactical edge.

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    Now the question is: how can a Turkey that becomes more autocratic provide hope for solving the Kurdish problem? This is the paradox: can the president with centralized decision making, who wants to continue a hegemonic style of governance, provide hope for the most important issues of the country, such as human rights, democracy, minority rights and the Kurdish question?

    September 8, 2014, Ömer Taşpınar, Rudaw
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    If the instability and this crisis continues, then I suspect there's also going to be pressure on the country's growth prospects as business people from Turkey or outside Turkey will become less willing to invest.

    December 27, 2013, Kemal Kirişci, Foreign Policy
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    The international community should support Turkey [respond to the Syrian refugee crisis], but the Turkish government should also be more open to NGOs and international institutions. 

    November 14, 2013, Elizabeth Ferris, Taraf (Turkey)
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    Chemical Deal on Syria is "Kicking the Can Down the Road"

    September 17, 2013, Salman Shaikh

  • Interview | Chautauqua Institution

    August 16, 2013, Kemal Kirişci

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    Why Economic Expansion in Places Like Turkey and Russia Won’t Stop Protests

    August 13, 2013, Clifford G. Gaddy and Carol Graham

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    Protests in Russia and Turkey and the Emerging Role of New Media

    July 31, 2013, Fiona Hill and Kemal Kirişci

  • Discussion

    Russia and Turkey, Putin and Erdogan: One and the Same?

    July 31, 2013, Fiona Hill, Jeremy Shapiro, Kemal Kirişci, Ömer Taşpınar, Clifford G. Gaddy and Hannah Thoburn

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    In an ironic way, [the protests in Turkey are] a product of the success of this government in helping to develop a stronger middle class, especially the highly educated section of the middle class that lives in the cities. … The government’s failure to hear their voice and the adoption of policies that these people feel are strangling their individualistic liberties.

    June 26, 2013, Kemal Kirişci, The Washington Times
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    Turkey still is a democracy. I think one could look at what’s happened in the past few days and really see, to a degree, a heavy-handed response. There needs to be an investigation after all of the dust has settled into how the police have really handled this. I think quite poorly at that.

    June 19, 2013, Bessma Momani , TVO

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