Brendan McDermid / Reuters - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during a Reuters Newsmaker event on the Iran nuclear agreement in New York on August 11, 2015.

Blog Post | Debating the Iran Deal

Elevate the debate: A former U.S. negotiator bridges the partisan divide on the Iran nuclear deal

August 17, 2015, Suzanne Maloney

As passions on both sides have intensified, the debate over the Iran nuclear deal has devolved into hysteria and hyperbole. With their divisive rhetoric, both the administration and its critics are doing the country a profound disservice. Americans deserve a thoughtful discussion about the Iranian threat, the opportunity presented by the deal on the table, the range of viable alternatives to that deal, and a realistic assessment of the consequences. There is no better voice to lead such a discussion than that of Robert Einhorn, whose recent essay, "Debating the Iran Nuclear Deal," offers a careful analysis of the main areas of contention about the nuclear deal and endeavors to bridge the gap between the deal's supporters and its critics by outlining an array of U.S. policies to supplement the deal and bolster its effectiveness.

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