• Interview | UN Dispatch

    The Foreign Policy Implications of India's Elections

    May 15, 2014, Tanvi Madan and Mark Leon Goldberg

  • Interview | La Razón

    The Rise of Anti-Politics

    February 24, 2013, Carlo Bastasin

  • In the News

    It's pretty clear that at the last minute, a lot of women made a decision that Obama really understood what their economic concerns were. Yes, they want control over their own body...but decisions over health care can limit their ability to control economics as well.

    November 9, 2012, Elisabeth Jacobs, CBS News
  • In the News

    Rated on energy, charm, and political smarts, Michelle Obama is the most important and successful first lady in a presidential campaign since 'Lady Bird' Johnson in 1964.

    November 7, 2012, Stephen Hess, The Washington Examiner
  • In the News

    [Obama had a] decisive Electoral College win of at least 303 votes and more than half the popular vote with a 2.5 million margin, while the Republicans lost three Senate seats...It points to an exacerbation of partisan voting and no new coalition building.

    November 7, 2012, Thomas E. Mann, Government Executive
  • In the News

    I think [Mitt] Romney was done in by the fact that he could not get far enough to the center credibly enough. He had to go too far right in the primaries. And the reason for that is you have some fierce constituencies in the Republican Party that do not want the party to change.

    November 7, 2012, Jonathan Rauch, Voice of America
  • Expert Q & A | Beth Akers

    Obama Versus Romney: The Cost of Higher Education

    November 5, 2012, Beth Akers

  • Expert Q & A | John Hudak

    What Polling Really Tells Us

    November 5, 2012, John Hudak

  • Expert Q & A | Elisabeth Jacobs

    Women and the Economy: Key Election Issues

    November 5, 2012, Elisabeth Jacobs

  • Expert Q & A | Philip A. Wallach

    Campaign Platforms: What the Candidates Failed to Address

    November 5, 2012, Philip A. Wallach

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