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The Arab Awakening and Middle East Unrest

Baghdad - Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is seen delivering an address to the nation in this frame grab from Iraqi TV broadcast Augsut 8, 2002. Hussein said on Thursday that he was not frightened by threats from the United States and his country was ready to repel any attack. Speaking on the anniversary of the end of the Iran-Iraq war, Saddam also called on the United Nations Security Council to answer a series of questions recently posed by Baghdad.He added the United Nations should honour its obligations over trade sanctions imposed on Iraq in 1990 after its invasion of neighbouring Kuwait. REUTERS/Iraqi TV


Trump’s Saddam: Terror killer or terror patron?

July 11, 2016, Bruce Riedel

Donald Trump’s recent praise of Saddam Hussein is misguided and a distorted view of who Saddam really was and what he did, writes Bruce Riedel. Saddam was responsible for the deaths of half a million in war with Iran, backed the most extreme Palestinian terror groups, and perpetrated what some may call the genocide of Kurds in Iraq; the notion that Saddam stood in active opposition to terrorist enemies of the United States is misleading, Riedel argues.

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