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Economy Needs Stimulus and Prudent Action on Entitlement Reform

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Economic Stimulus and the Budget Deficit

December 9, 2008, Isabel V. Sawhill

In these tough times, the economy needs a stimulus, regardless of the impact on the deficit, says Isabel Sawhill. But prudent action needs to be taken to address runaway entitlement spending and that agenda should reconsider our intergenerational spending priorities.

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    I think the era of broad prosperity for American seniors will end with the first wave of Baby Boomers, now entering their 60s. Times are tougher for their later Boomer brothers and sisters who entered the labor and housing markets in the late 1970s during tougher economic times.

    August 8, 2012, William H. Frey, USA Today
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    Why We Need to Cut Seniors' Benefits

    October 24, 2008, Isabel V. Sawhill