Panelists at the event, "Reflecting on Race in America 50 Years after the Civil Rights Act," October 8, 2014. (l-r), Fredrick Harris, Sheryll Cashin, Rashad Robinson, Adam Serwer, Vesla M. Weaver.

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Why Does Racial Inequality Persist Long after Jim Crow?

October 9, 2014, Fred Dews

“Why does racial inequality still persist in an era, in a moment, when there is less overt racism compared to the era of Jim Crow? Why has persistence of racial inequality remained overt while white racist attitudes in public opinion have been on the decline since the passage of the 1964 Civil Right Act?” These questions, posed by Nonresident Senior Fellow Fredrick Harris, also a professor at Columbia University, framed a panel discussion on race in America 50 years following passage of the Civil Rights Act. Harris, director of the Center on African American Politics and Society at Columbia, moderated a panel that included Sheryll Cashin, Rashad Robinson, Adam Serwer, and Vesla Weaver. Video and highlights of their remarks appear here.

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