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Nicky Loh - A man sits in a plastic container in the shape of a house which is suspended by a crane outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei, during a protest against rising housing prices in Taiwan April 16, 2010. The protester demanded action from the government to curb rising property prices in Taiwan. The words on the container read, "People without homes, slaves to property, stand up!"

Opinion | Taiwan-U.S. Quarterly Analysis

The factors and implications of rising housing prices in Taiwan

July 2015, Yi-Ling Chen

Taiwanese media say that Taipei housing is so expensive that the average household would have to “neither eat nor drink” for over fifteen years in order to own a place. The cost of homeownership in Taiwan nearly doubled from 2005 to 2014, making Taiwan one of the most expensive places to own a home in the world. Yi-Ling Chen discusses how prices have reached present-day levels, examines the effects on Taiwan’s economy, society and politics, and offers policy solutions for Taiwan’s housing system.  

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