REUTERS/Desmond Boylan - Luis Salgado, nicknamed Chucho, holds his passport as he waits in line at U.S. Immigration, upon arriving at Miami airport on a direct flight from Havana, March 13, 2013.

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The H-1B visa race continues: Which regions received the most?

April 2, 2015, Neil G. Ruiz and Jill H. Wilson

Major league baseball’s opening day is still a few days away, but this week marks another opening day for America’s businesses: H-1B visa cap season. Every April 1st, employers submit applications to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for temporary employment visas for foreigners in specialty occupations.  

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    U.S. Immigrants and Prospects for Immigration Reform

    September 27, 2013, Audrey Singer and Fred Dews

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    What we haven’t really achieved in our system after decades of thinking about [immigration policy] is how to adjust the admissions policy to better suit our economic needs in something closer to real time. That is going to be part of the discussion in the next couple of months. Do we make changes based on some market demand, and how do we measure that? Do we set out knowing what we want and then adjust our policies?

    February 19, 2013, Audrey Singer, Bloomberg
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    [The H-1B visa issue] is not just an issue for Microsoft and Intel, it’s an issue for the American heartland. There are a lot of companies that need specialist skills, especially in STEM fields, and they just can’t find them locally so they have to search globally. —Neil Ruiz

    February 11, 2013, Financial Times