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    These people are not bluffing. There is no way that Greece will make it through February. The situation will be get worse every day, and at the forefront of the drama will be the country’s banks.

    January 30, 2015, Theodore Pelagidis, Bloomberg
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    No one has an interest in Greece leaving the euro. Those who say that there’s an incentive for Greece to be kicked out so that it is made an example for other nations in the euro area are wrong. Nor is there an incentive to allow anything to happen with Greek bank deposits.

    January 22, 2015, Theodore Pelagidis, The Washington Times
  • Interview | l'Opinion

    January 21, 2015, Philippe Le Corre

  • Interview | Voice of America

    January 16, 2015, Philippe Le Corre

  • Interview | Deutsche Welle

    January 15, 2015, Jeremy Shapiro

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    What we are seeing [with the Paris attack] is a terrorist outbidding, where ISIS and Al Qaeda are under pressure to outdo each other.

    January 10, 2015, Shadi Hamid, New York Times
  • Interview | PRI's 'The World'

    January 9, 2015, Jonathan Laurence

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    Yields are rightly high, as they price in a risk. But if every actor thinks rationally, and given that the vast majority of the Greek people and the middle class that votes for Syriza want Greece to stay in the euro, Tsipras will be forced to do what voters want.

    January 9, 2015, Theodore Pelagidis, Bloomberg
  • Interview | The Diane Rehm Show

    January 8, 2015, Philippe Le Corre

  • Interview | Bloomberg TV

    January 7, 2015, Jonathan Laurence

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