Southern Company's Plant Bowen in Cartersville, Georgia (REUTERS/Chris Baltimore).

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Southern Company’s Attack on the Clean Power Plan: Some Important Unanswered Questions

December 17, 2014, Bob Sussman

Bob Sussman reviews the public comment to the EPA from one of the U.S.’ largest generators and distributors of electric power.

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    For those displaced across borders, there is nothing beyond general immigration and human rights law.

    December 8, 2014, Elizabeth Ferris, New America Media
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    [Pacific Island leaders] see refugee as a negative term that connotes victimhood and people in need of protection by the international community. For them it signifies that they've become people who don't have any agency or aren't able to contribute.

    September 6, 2014, Jane McAdam, Radio Australia
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    No government likes to be held up in front of the world as not meeting any of its commitments.

    August 27, 2014, Joshua Meltzer, International Business Times
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    A focus on reducing emissions by all — which is contingent on developed country support on climate finance, adaptation and capacity building — can help establish a more holistic narrative tying together the myriad threads of the negotiations. As a medium-sized country, Peru can develop and drive forward this narrative and avoid polarizing debates between the North and South that undermine the talks.

    December 2, 2013, Timmons Roberts, ClimateWire
  • Interview | 95bFM (Australia Radio)

    October 18, 2013, Jane McAdam

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    We need to be looking at adaptation, we need to be looking at migration as a form of adaptation, we need to be looking at disaster risk reduction and then, of course, we need to look at humanitarian protection and assistance.

    October 16, 2013, Jane McAdam, Reuters
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    We know people are going to be forced to leave their homes because of climate change...People are just ignoring it in the United States.

    October 11, 2013, Elizabeth Ferris, The Toronto Star
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    There are some technologies that can actually capture emissions of, for example, CO2, and those technologies right now are relatively expensive per ton of CO2 that you can actually eliminate from being omitted. But, there are also, of course, other options, there’s energy efficiency, there are alternative sources of supply, such as solar and wind, and there are even switches to other sources of fuel, such as natural gas.

    October 3, 2013, Nathan Hultman, BBC
  • Interview | The Wire

    May 3, 2013, Jane McAdam

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