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REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins -A girl plays with balloons on the last day of classes at Cacique Tiuna Commune's preschool in Caracas July 9, 2010. Tucked into forested hills in southwest Caracas, a red-brick housing complex for the poor is a testing ground for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's latest step to build socialism in the Latin American oil producer. The phalanx of simple five-storey apartment blocks, some still being built, anchors the "Cacique Tiuna Commune". This is one of a network of "socialist communes" that Chavez and his supporters want to extend across the nation in their political and legislative offensive to dismantle "bourgeois" capitalism. Picture taken July 9.

Blog Post

Living in contradiction: Helicopter parenting and what it means for educators today

November 25, 2015, Gil Troy

Gil Troy argues that in today’s relaxed era, middle-class and upper-middle-class parents’ obsession with befriending their kids and cultivating self-esteem undermines parental and educational authority. Troy says educators should set the highest academic and behavioral standards they can for students, understanding that they have a dual mission: to help orient parents as well as students in our confusing world.

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