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REUTERS/Gary Cameron - The United States flag flutters behind former President Ronald Reagan as he addresses a crowd at the opening of the Reagan Library in Simi, California November 4, 1991.

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President Reagan’s Role in the Iran-Contra Scandal

September 5, 2014

On September 5, the Brookings Intelligence Project hosted author Malcolm Byrne for a discussion of his new book, Iran-Contra: Reagan’s Scandal and the Unchecked Abuse of Presidential Power, which offers a comprehensive history of the Iran-Contra affair and makes use of previously unavailable materials and a wide-range of interviews with key players. Byrne argues that officials at the highest level of government were complicit in Iran-Contra, and draws lessons from this episode to show the challenges the U.S. faces in recognizing and confronting future abuses of power perpetrated by U.S. officials.

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