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Foresight Africa: The Continent’s Greatest Challenges and Opportunities for 2011

Before the recent global economic crisis, African countries experienced one of the longest periods of economic expansion. Although Africa weathered the crisis much better than many other regions, its economies remain fragile and daunted by the challenge of achieving sufficiently high growth rates. Yet, there are also many opportunities that offer hope for African countries to achieve sustainable growth in 2011. Continue Reading ›

Climate Change and Africa's Economic Performance

Driving Africa's Growth through Expanding Exports

Moving Toward Opportunity: Managing Migration for Development

Debilitating Borders: Why Africa Cannot Compete without Regional Integration

Conflicts and Prospects for Economic Growth

Improving Aid Effectiveness for Africa's Economic Growth

In this report, experts from the Africa Growth Initiative at Brookings examine some of the key issues that will matter for Africa in 2011 and beyond. They provide brief overviews of the issues and give policy recommendations to African governments and development partners on how to leverage the opportunities for prosperity, while anticipating and overcoming challenges that could derail Africa’s growth.

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