Brookings Papers on Education Policy: 2006-2007

Brookings Papers on Education Policy provides the latest thinking from nationally recognized experts on policy issues affecting grades K-12.


Introduction: What Do We Know about School Size and Class Size? (Full Text - PDF)
Tom Loveless and Frederick M. Hess

Is Small Really Better? Testing Some Assumptions about High School Size (Abstract - PDF)
Barbara Schneider, Adam E. Wyse, and Vanessa Keesler

School Consolidation and Inequality (Abstract - PDF)
Christopher Berry

The Effects of School Size on Parental Involvement and Social Capital: Evicence from ELS: 2002 (Abstract - PDF)
Thomas S. Dee, Wei Ha, and Brian A. Jacob

Optimal Context Size in Elementary Schools: Disentangling the Effects of Class Sixe and School Size (Abstract - PDF)
Doublas E. Ready and Valerie E. Lee

Class Size and School Size: Taking the Trade-Offs Seriously (Abstract - PDF)
Douglas N. Harris

High School Size, Organization, and Content: What Matters for Student Success? (Abstract - PDF)
Linda Darling-Hammond, Peter Ross, and Michael Milliken

What Have Researchers Learned from Project STAR? (Abstract - PDF)
Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach

Policy from the Hip: Class-Size Reduction in California (Abstract - PDF)
Peter Schrag

International Evidence on Expenditures and Class Size: A Review (Abstract - PDF)
Ludger Wößmann

The Relative Influence of Research on Class-Size Policy (Abstract - PDF)
James S. Kim