Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs: 2005

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Designed to reach a wide audience of scholars and policymakers, the Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs is an annual series that serves as a forum for cutting-edge, accessible research on urban policy.

Contents for this volume include:

Editors' Summary (Full Text)

Looking Back to Look Forward: Learning from Philadelphia's 350 Years of Urban Development (Abstract)
Joseph Gyourko (University of Pennsylvania)

Property Tax Limitations and Mobility: Lock-in Effect of California's Proposition 13 (Abstract)
Nada Wasi (University of California—San Diego) and Michelle J. White (Brown University)

Higher Education Appropriations and Public Universities: Role of Medicaid and the Business Cycle (Abstract)
Thomas J. Kane (University of California—Los Angeles), Peter R. Orszag (Brookings Institution), and Emil Apostolov (Brookings Institution)

Effects of Urban Rail Transit Expansions: Evidence from Sixteen Cities, 1970-2000 (Abstract)
Nathaniel Baum-Snow (University of Chicago) and Matthew E. Kahn (Tufts University)

Migration within the United States: Role of Race-Ethnicity (Abstract)
William H. Frey (University of Michigan) and Kao-Lee Liaw (McMaster University)

Growth of China's Medium-Size Cities (Abstract)
J. Vernon Henderson (Brown University)