Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs: 2002

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Designed to reach a wide audience of scholars and policymakers, this new series contains studies on urban sprawl, crime, taxes, education, poverty, and related subjects.

"This journal will set the tone for urban economics for the coming decades. It will play a major role not only in academia, but also in ensuring that we have better urban economic policy." —George Akerlof, University of California, Berkeley

Contents of the third issue include:

  • "Local Government Fiscal Structure and Metropolitan Consolidation"
    Dennis Epple (Carnegie-Mellon University), Stephen Calabrese (University of South Florida), and Glenn Cassidy
  • Should the Suburbs Help Finance Central City Public Services?
    Andrew Haughwout (Federal Reserve Bank of NY) and Robert Inman (University of Pennsylvania)
  • "Tax Incentives and the City"
    Therese McGuire (UCLA) and Teresa Garcia-Mila (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
  • "Does Gentrification Harm the Poor?"
    Jacob Vigdor (Duke University)
  • "Corruption in Cities: Graft and Politics in American Cities at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"
    Rebecca Menes (George Mason University)
  • "Immigrant Children and Urban Schools: Lessons from New York on Segregation, Resources and School Attendance Patterns"
    Ingrid Gould Ellen, Katherine O'Regan, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Leanna Stiefel (New York University)