Inside Out India and China

Inside Out, India and China

Local Politics Go Global - with a new preface

One third of humanity is governed by two capitals, New Delhi and Beijing. Increasingly, these two countries are being led not from the top down, but rather from the Inside Out.

In 2014, India overwhelmingly elected Narendra Modi prime minister, a man who rose to national prominence as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, India’s fastest growing state. Likewise in 2013, Xi Jinping took over as President of China after building a reputation for effective leadership as the top official in two of China’s most prosperous provinces – Zhejiang and Shanghai.

Anticipating these trends and leadership transitions, William Antholis spent five months in 2012 traversing twenty Indian states and Chinese province, conducting over 300 interviews-including a provocative conversation with Narenda Modi. Antholis’s detailed narratives show what both Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping learned firsthand: that local successes – and failures – will determine the future of the world’s largest two nations. And his new prefaces, prepared for this edition, lays out key takeaways from the transitions of 2013 and 2014.

This book was completed in the spring of 2013, just after Xi's installation and a year before Modi's election. Antholis's new preface offers an updated look into each country, detailing the recent transitions of power and their implications for the future.

This page refers to the paperback edition of Inside Out India and China, available September 2014. To order a copy of the first edition in hard cover, click here.