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Affordable Excellence

The Singapore Health Care System

William Haseltine

Noted Harvard professor, biotech entrepreneur, and AIDS researcher, William Haseltine wants to share with you the story of Singapore’s healthcare system. He’s so dedicated to sharing the story that we’re offering the ebook for free

Why? Let him tell you:

Americans pay more for their health care then residents of other high income countries but get worse health outcomes. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 addresses some but not all of the most pressing problems.  I believe we can reduce health care expenses, saving trillions of dollars a year, by making our health care system more efficient, following the lessons from the best other countries have to offer. Singapore offers an excellent starting point.

Today Singapore ranks sixth in the world in healthcare outcomes well ahead of many developed countries, including the United States. The results are all the more significant as Singapore spends less on healthcare than any other high-income country, both as measured by fraction of the Gross Domestic Product spent on health and by costs per person. Singapore achieves these results at less than one-fourth the cost of healthcare in the United States and about half that of Western European countries. Government leaders, presidents and prime ministers, finance ministers and ministers of health, policymakers in congress and parliament, public health officials responsible for healthcare systems planning, finance and operations, as well as those working on healthcare issues in universities and think-tanks should know how this system works to achieve affordable excellence.

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Praise for Affordable Excellence

“William Haseltine’s comprehensive account of how Singapore laid the foundation for an equitable, affordable, accessible, and sustainable quality healthcare system should be on the reading list of anyone designing healthcare systems for the 21st Century. It is a fascinating read, even for someone who grew up within this system.”
—John E.L. Wong, Vice Provost (Academic Medicine) The National University of Singapore, Deputy Chief Executive, The National University Health System, Et al.