Climate Change and Forests

Emerging Policy and Market Opportunities

Praise for Climate Change and Forests

"Climate Change and Forests is a timely summary of emerging policy and opportunities related to forestry-based carbon markets."

"As the countries of the world look towards 2012 and the post-Kyoto process, this book provides the reader with a timely addition to the discussion of current climate policies involving forests. Furthermore, it provides valuable insights from practical experience to offer a way forward in emerging climate policy frameworks of the future."
Climate Policy

Climate change unquestionably has penetrated the world's consciousness. Most of the attention typically goes to the industrial and energy sectors. But agriculture, forestry, and land-use practices also contribute to the problem and thus must be part of the solution. In this detailed volume, international experts explain the links between climate change and forests, highlighting the possible role of carbon sequestration and emissions avoidance in climate policy frameworks.

After framing the forestry topic within the larger context of climate change policy, the contributors analyze the operation and efficacy of market-based mechanisms for forest conservation and climate change. They detail specific projects and draw lessons form past experiences in different locations and consider compensation and incentive options to slow down deforestation. For example, they discuss sequestration rights in Chile, carbon offset programs in Australia and New Zealand, and incentives at all levels of American government. They also examine different voluntary schemes for carbon crediting as well as present a set of tools for use in developing future sequestration and offset programs.

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