Opportunity 08

Independent Ideas for America's Next President

The 2008 presidential campaign is the first contest since 1928 in which neither the incumbent president nor the vice president is running for the nomination. This unusual landscape presents a rare opening for frank discussion of pressing policy challenges, and hopefully for new and workable solutions. Opportunity 08 takes advantage of this rare political space to help the candidates, the media, and the electorate focus on the most critical issues facing America as it approaches a crossroads election.

Voters say they want to hear more about issues and less about partisan politics. Opportunity 08 answers the call with authoritative analysis and innovative policy solutions. Part One of the book is titled "Our World," and its topics include the challenge of dealing with Iran, the rise of China, climate change, oil dependence, Middle East peace and the future of Iraq. Part Two, "Our Society," features accessible treatment of domestic issues such as voting reform; housing policy; poverty, inequality, and upward economic mobility. Part III, "Our Prosperity," tackles vexing problems such as the budget deficit, health care access and quality, retirement security, and the challenge of strengthening information technology in the United States.

The contributions to Opportunity 08 reflect an impressive breadth of expertise, opinions, and political beliefs. Contributors include Brookings scholars such as Ken Pollack and Carlos Pascual on Iraq, Strobe Talbott and William Antholis on climate change, Ron Haskins and Isabel Sawhill on economic inequality, and Henry Aaron on health care. Other authors include former members of the Bush administration such as Peter Rodman and Michael Green, former senators and representatives from both sides of the aisle, and renowned scholars such as Joseph Newhouse of Harvard and Peter Berkowitz of the Hoover Institution.

The time has come for honest, nonpartisan, informed discussion of the challenges facing us today, and for innovative strategies to tackle them. The time has come for Opportunity 08.

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Book Event: National Security at Home and Abroad, November 16, 2007.

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