Transforming the Development Landscape

The Role of the Private Sector

Private sector activity is an essential element of any successful economic development plan. It shapes the investment climate, mobilizes innovation and financing, and can increase or decrease the level of harm that might accompany development projects. This volume, emerging from the Brookings Blum Roundtable, investigates ways to galvanize the private sector and bring its resources to bear in the war against global poverty. The authors describe how the private sector affects growth and poverty alleviation, and they examine the social and environmental impact of private sector activities. In addition to offering a clear overview of the current issues, Lael Brainard and her colleagues assess current initiatives and provide guidance on new activities and partnerships that could potentially improve global economic conditions.

Contributors: Larry Cooley (Management Systems International), David de Ferranti (Brookings Institution), Timothy Freundlich (Calvert Social Investment Foundation), Vinca La Fleur (Center for Strategic and International Studies), Ross Levine (World Bank), Sylvia Mathews (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Jane Nelson (Harvard University), Alan J. Patricof (APAX Partners), Rajiv Shah (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Warrick Smith (World Bank), and Julie E. Sunderland (APAX Partners).

A Brookings-Blum Roundtable Project