Crescent of Crisis

U.S.-European Strategy for the Greater Middle East

The greater Middle East is beset by a crescent of crisis—a region of urgent danger stretching from Pakistan to Afghanistan, through Iran and Iraq, all the way to the Syria/Lebanon question and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The specific problems range from terrorism and nuclear proliferation to the rise of fundamentalism and a lack of democracy. These crises pose perhaps the most pressing security challenges to Europe and the United States today. Unfortunately, the U.S. and its allies across the Atlantic generally have approached them in separate ways, often resulting in tense transatlantic relations as well as missed opportunities to make the world safer. Clearly time has come for greater coordination of strategy and action.

Crescent of Crisis brings together several leading American and European experts to develop a common approach to the pressing worries of the region. The contributors include some of the foremost analysts of the region from both sides of the Atlantic. They provide succinct synopses of the crises, compare U.S. and European perspectives, and suggest ways to increase cooperation. The editors synthesize this into a road map for U.S.-European cooperation in meeting the present and future challenges of this volatile part of the world.


Stephen Cohen (Brookings Institution), James Dobbins (RAND), Toby Dodge (University of London), Eva Goes (consultant), Martin Indyk (Saban Center at Brookings), Reinoud Leenders (University of Amsterdam), Flynt Leverett (Saban Center at Brookings), Ken Pollack (Saban Center at Brookings), Jean-Luc Racine (Centre for the Study of India and South Asia, CNRS/EHESS), Barnett Rubin (New York University), Yezid Sayigh (King's College London), Michael Schmunk (Harvard University), Bruno Tertrais (Fondation pour la Recherche Strategique).