The New Campaign Finance Sourcebook

This completely revised and expanded update of Campaign Finance Reform: A Sourcebook provides the definitive exposition of federal campaign finance regulation. Written by four of the nation's most influential analysts on politics and money, The New Campaign Finance Sourcebook presents a thorough overview and analysis of campaign finance policy and practices, including the

  • history of campaign finance regulation state of campaign finance law and the implementation of BCRA
  • constitutional and regulatory issues in the campaign finance debate
  • current practices and trends in the financing of federal elections
  • public financing of presidential elections
  • rules for campaigning on the internet
  • alternative approaches to reform.

The New Campaign Finance Sourcebook has also been integrated with the popular and useful Brookings website on campaign finance to provide a timely, interactive tool for policymakers, journalists, campaign professionals, and scholars. The Brookings Institution has been a leader in analyzing campaign finance and this important new book is an essential addition to that proud tradition.