One Percent for the Kids

New Policies, Brighter Futures for America's Children

This volume argues forcefully that the life prospects of children can be improved substantially by reallocating one percent of the gross domestic product to children's programs. Each chapter contains a specific proposal for change, as well as information about the rationale and cost of the initiative. The topics covered include preventing teen childbearing, early care and education, parental leave, income support, health care, preschool and after-school programs, strengthening families, making work pay, and moving families to better neighborhoods.

Contributors include Isabel Sawhill (Brookings Institution), Greg Duncan (Northwestern University), Katherine Magnuson (Columbia University), Andrea Kane (Brookings Institution), Sara McLanahan (Princeton University), Irwin Garfinkel (Columbia University), Robert Haveman (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jens Ludwig (Georgetown University), Kristin Moore (Child Trends), David Armor (George Mason University), Barbara Wolfe (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Scott Scrivner (Public/Private Ventures), and John Hills (London School of Economics).