Metropolitan Policy Program Update
April 5, 2012

Going Global: Boosting the Economic Future of Greater Los Angeles

On March 21, the Global Cities Initiative hosted a forum in Los Angeles focused on global competitiveness. The event featured speakers and panelists who highlighted opportunities for strengthening the Greater Los Angeles region's economic prosperity. During the event, Bruce Katz delivered a presentation and remarks describing why the region needs to position itself for the next economy.
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Metropolitan Export Plans

Following the release of Greater Portland's plan to boost exports, the Los Angeles, Minneapolis Saint Paul, and central New York regions announced pioneer plans to double exports in their respective areas over the next five years, based on their distinct market advantages. These plans are part of the Metropolitan Export Initiative, a collaborative effort to help regional civic, business, and political leaders create and implement customized export plans to create jobs and grow the economy.
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Tracking Recession and Recovery in the 100 Largest Metros

The 12th installment of the MetroMonitor series shows a very slow but widespread recovery continuing in the fourth quarter of 2011 for the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas. Metro areas continued to experience a very slow recovery of employment, while unemployment rates, although lower than at the end of 2010 in most large metropolitan areas, remained very high. Our interactive maps illustrate the data, while a report on the Intermountain West region shows that area's economic climate.
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Recent posts explore how the EB-5 immigrant investor visa program is being used to help fund regional economic development, why economic competitiveness among global cities doesn’t necessarily produce metropolitan winners and losers, and how a provision of the Senate’s transportation bill could stall progress on public-private infrastructure funding.

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