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Nonresident Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program

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Greg Clark is a city advisor, mentor and nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Clark supports and guides metropolitan strategic plans as an associate for LSE Cities at the London School of Economics, as a senior fellow at the Urban Land Institute and a chief advisor to the Chairman of the OECD Forum on Development Agencies and Investment Strategies, among others. He previously served as director of strategy for London from 2000 to 2004 supporting the development of London’s Economic and Spatial Strategies, chairman of the International Advisory Committee for the Sao Paulo 2040 Strategic Plan, international advisor on the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan, and more. 

Clark is also a writer and commentator on metropolitan development who has led and moderated more than 100 conferences and strategic events on cities. Selected as a Harkness Fellow in 1995, he reviewed 12 North American cites/regions as a fellow at Columbia University in New York City. As Chairman of the European Urban Development Forum from 1996 to 2000 he oversaw reviews of 24 European Cities/Regions. Since 1998 has undertaken OECD reviews in 27 cities around the world. He has directed comparative studies and assessments of London and New York, British and Spanish Cities, UK and Canadian Cities, and UK and Chinese Cities. His publications include The Business of Cities: A Review of 100 City Indexes (2011), The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Cities (2011), What are British Cities Good At? (2011), City Leadership in the New Development Cycle (2011), and Business benefits of hosting global events (2011).

From 1988 to 2006 Greg Clark held a variety of roles in London including Lead Advisor on City & Regional Development, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, UK Government, Executive Director of Strategy and Communications, London Development Agency, Managing Director, Economic Development, at Greater London Enterprise, Chief Executive of the London Enterprise Agency: ‘One London’, and International Programmes Director at the London Docklands Development Corporation.