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General Ramazan Sharif, head of public relations for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) spoke about the Rouhani administration as well as the two previous administrations saying, “We stood with Mr. (former reformist President) Khatami and supported all his ministers with the exception of his Minister of Culture. The IRGC follows the lead of the Supreme Leader, and so long as the actions of the Rouhani administration fall in line with the Supreme Leadership, we (IRGC) will cooperate (as well). He also mentioned that former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wasn’t the IRGC’s “choice to be president.”   

Former reformist President Mohammed Khatami’s Baran Foundation has launched a new website. The website's purpose is to serve society, “especially the younger generation,” and to facilitate the exchanging of ideas in order to improve public awareness in order to “to protect ourselves from the problems that exist within society today.”


An official in Iran’s Energy Ministry has announced that Iran and Pakistan have announced a new agreement that will increase the volume of Iran’s electricity exports to Pakistan by 100 megawatts, and that the agreement will be signed and expedited quickly by both countries.

Iran’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Ali Taib Nia said, “Inflation in the next (Iranian) calendar year (March 21st) will be less than 15 percent,” and that “The economic challenges and limitations that Iran faces stems from economic mismanagement and abuse of the system, as well as the imposed draconian sanctions.”

Iran and China have signed a deal in which one of China’s biggest automobile manufacturers will work with Saipa of Iran to produce a new model sedan and SUV in Iran.

Khabar Online publishes a chart that reflects domestic and foreign car prices in Iran.  

A 13-member economic delegation comprised of members of Isfahan’s Chamber of Commerce, City Council, and its Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, is in  Germany attending the 48th annual International Tourism Fair in Berlin. The purpose of the Iranian delegation is to expand and deepen economic and trade cooperation between Iran and Germany.


In a press conference during his trip to Indonesia, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said, “No one can demand that we dismantle our nuclear technology.”

During an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors meeting, Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Reza Najafi said, “All members of the IAEA support talks between Iran and the IAEA.”

Foreign Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) stressed the need to implement the Geneva interim agreement, known as the Joint Plan of Action. In a written statement, the ministers explained doing so would, “Strengthen international confidence and to relieve concerns regarding Iran's nuclear program.”

During a press conference, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswomen Marzieh Afkham addressed allegations of a seized cargo ship carrying Iranian-made weapons bound for Gaza. “The Zionist lobby seeks to prevent the start of diplomatic talks and to destroy and divert the nuclear negotiations with these charges,” said Afkham.  


In an editorial in the conservative daily Kayhan, writer Sadallah Zaraei argues that developments in Ukraine “once again prove the importance of the role of security apparatuses and the military.” Zaraei calls Russian President Vladimir Putin, “and intelligent leader that used his military force to win back Ukraine for its people…Without having to fire a single shot, the Russian military prevented the formation of a great conspiracy against Russia’s national security.” The author goes on to argue how the United States is obsessed with Iran’s military prowess as it constantly is brought up in nuclear negotiations. “This situation (in Ukraine) illustrates that every country should preserve their national strength by constantly strengthening their military position,” writes Zaraei.

A cartoon from Conservative Fars News depicts boxing match in which a weak United States is up against a strong Russia in the fight for Ukraine, while the European Union stands aside and counts wagers.   

Another cartoon from Fars News depicts President Barack Obama desperately struggling with a calm President Vladimir Putin in an arm wrestling match over Ukraine. A sweating Obama asks, “Isn’t it a waste that this war is finishing with these options still on the table?” To which a smiling Putin replies, “Barack you’re so hot! Can’t deal with the cold war?”  


Photo essay discusses Tehran’s infestation of rats. It’s estimated over 30 million rats call the capital home. They have become a part of the daily lives of the residents of Tehran as depicted in the photos. Littering and the dumping food waste into Tehran's streets only compounds the problem according to the photo journalist.

An eclectic set of photographs reflecting everyday life in Tehran and its diverse urban setting. Some of the photos include a snake charmer, young street musicians, children, and blue collar workers.    

Photos of a championship speed racing competition in Iran.

Tehran based Mahram takes on Isfahan based Zob Ahan in Iran’s Super Basketball League.